If you are a composer or performer in the early stages of your career, or looking for new insight into your work, an objective and informed opinion can be pivotal. I can offer two types of consultations:

Performers: As a teacher of twenty years experience and also a professional performer, I am able to give advice about a career in performance, artistic directions to pursue and more specifically masterclasses on contemporary flute. I also compose and perform my own works, and I can guide performers who want to develop their own compositional practice.

“This was invaluable for my conception of the instrument…knowing the very basics means that you can extrapolate the more advanced/involved stuff more easily to understand it on a sonic (musical) level and also in terms of notation. So this session was beyond helpful!”

SD, Composer

Composers: I am able to discuss approaches to notation, specifically in relation to new works for or involving flute, offering detailed insight into the instrument, the repertoire and contemporary techniques. I have given workshops on this theme at institutions such as Strasbourg Conservatoire, Huddersfield University, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, University of Liverpool, ESTALAGEM Residency for Contemporary Music Madeira, Distat Terra Festival Argentina, Bangor University, and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I am able to work with individuals or a composition class.

Please contact me for more information about consultations.